LED Dimmer


Application installation dimmer(1/2)


A. Single-wire AC power wiring in series

  • AC power cord is taken from one of the two single wires.
  • Cut from the middle and peel off 10mm plastic sheath in each side.
  • Loosen the screws on top of the dimmer at position C and the L1 s. * Do not remove the screw.
  • Cut the two exposed cooper wires and install them into C and L1 dimmer jacks
  • Tighten the screw on top, check the connected wires, so they do not fall off.
  • Completed wiring is as shown in Figure 1 below:

B. Starting voltage adjustment (AC voltage error region)

  • Turn on the LED and adjust the LED the lowest brightness.
  • Open the side plastic cover on the dimmer Figure 2
  • Use a small plastic screwdriver for minor adjustment.
  • It is necessary to adjust the LED over the flashing point at low brightness.
  • Put back the cover see Figure 3.

C. Switch Panel Installation

  • Insert the dimmer through the panel openings.
  • Install the gaskets and tighten it with screws.
  • Put back the panel cover.
  • Install knob. Figure3 white panels.

[ Figure 1 ]

[ Figure 2 ]

[ Figure 3 ]

The application installation dimmer (2/2)

  • a dimmer installed wiring single LED lights
  • a dimmer installed wiring multiple LED lights
  • a dimmer wiring installed two LED lights
  • two dimmers mounted single LED lamp wiring (Aisle & dual stairways cut switch)


  • Do not use more than the load current wattage lamps. (AC 120V/ 2A of about 200W)
  • while using different brands of different load wattage LED lights, first clockwise and then press the switch to light up the brightness.
  • initial use different brands of different load wattage LED lights, can be a single fine adjustment knob inside.
  • Use the LED light dimmer can save more electricity and electricity.



  • 1. Taiwan:M437002
  • 2. China:2984349